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South Africa has over 1500 miles of magnificent coastline, numerous game reserves and luxury safari lodges, modern and international cities, world-class golf courses,  gourmet cuisine and scenic wine regions.  Cape Town is South Africa's oldest and most beautiful city, and the top travel destination in all of Africa.  Surrounded on three sides by the ocean, with the dramatic backdrop of Table Mountain, Cape Town has one of the most stunning natural settings in the world.  The city offers something for everyone: beaches and spectacular coastal drives, stylish accommodation, affordable gourmet restaurants and wineries, and a rich multi-cultural heritage.  


Seasons and Climate

Cape Town is in the Southern Hemisphere, where the seasons are reversed.  Cape Town enjoys long and pleasant summers (November-March).  Winter (Jun-Aug) can bring rain and wind, but is still frequented by sunny days.  Spring (September and October) and autumn (April and May) are ideal times to visit Cape Town when it is less windy . The spring is best for whale watching and nature's floral display, whereas autumn is the time for seeing the vineyards at their best. The most opportune time of year to visit game reserves such as Kruger National Park is July-August, when animals are in search of water and the bush is thin, making them easier to see.


Travel Info

Flights:  South African Airways (Star Alliance) flies from New York City and Washington DC to Cape Town via Johannesburg.  Delta flies from Atlanta to Johannesburg and then with South African Airways to Cape Town.  Alternatively you can fly via European cities such as London, Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt or Munich either through Johannesburg or to Cape Town directly.  US flights typically arrive in European cities during the morning.  Flights to South Africa typically depart at night and arrive in the morning.  Therefore there can be several hours layover at the European airport or you could choose to spend a day sightseeing in your European stopover city. 

Time Zone:  South Africa is  +9 hours of PST, +6 hours of EST, +1 hour of GMT and +0 of CET.  There is an additional hour difference  November – mid March as South Africa does not observe daylight savings..

Visas:  US and European Citizens can get their visas on arrival at passport control.  There is no cost for the visa and it is a quick process.

Getting Around:  The villa itself is within walking distance to the beach, shops and restaurants so a car is not essential for the entire stay. There is a brand new public bus transport system in Cape Town, with several stops in Camps Bay  There is also a double decker hop-on-hop-off bus tour with a stop at Camps Bay Beach, two different sightseeing routes, and the flexibility to spend as much time as you like at each stop and catch the next available bus  There are many tour companies also offering private day sightseeing tours in mini-vans or cars and will pick you up from the villa. We are happy to suggest a few trusted companies.  A rental car will still give you the most flexibility, is fairly inexpensive in South Africa, and parking is relatively easy for a city.  Driving is on the left side, like in the UK,  and the roads are in good condition and safe to drive.  

Safety:  South Africa has a reputation for crime, however, the Cape Town area is one of the safest in the country, as long as you don't wander into townships outside the city unaccompanied by a tour.  While you have to watch your belongings and avoid some areas as in most cities, you can walk around safely in the main tourist areas including downtown, even at night.  

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Things To Do in Cape Town and Beyond

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